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Once upon a time there lived a brother and sister who were complete opposites and constantly fought and argued. One day they discovered the tunnel. The boy goes through it at once, dismissing his sister's fears. When he doesn't return his sister has to pluck up the courage to go through the tunnel too. She finds her brother in a mysterious forest where he has been turned to stone…

Released in 1991 (after Flim and the BB's had moved from DMP to Warner Bros.), this best-of compilation spans 1982-88 and contains two previously unreleased tunes, as well as material that had already been heard on the DMP albums Neon , Tunnel , Tricycle , Big Notes and The Further Adventures of Flim & the BB's. Spyro Gyra was always the Minneapolis unit's primary influence, and it's hard to miss Spyro's influence on such congenial pop-jazz as "Heart Throb," "Just Another Beautiful Day" and "Light at the End of the Tunnel." Much like Spyro's early efforts (before that band became so shamelessly formulaic), these songs proved quite accessible to pop audiences but aren't without bite or integrity. The main difference between much of this album and Flim and the BB's' early-1990s work on Warner Bros. is the element of sincerity -- in contrast to the calculated nature of those recordings, most of the songs on this generally decent collection come across as sincere and heartfelt. The disc's only truly dreadful offering is "Someday," a schmaltzy, boring adult contemporary number that finds keyboardist Billy Barber performing a vocal duet with singer Kathy Mueller . Otherwise, Vintage BB's isn't bad. If one could purchase only one Flim and the BB's CD, this would be the logical choice.

Flim & The BB's - TunnelFlim & The BB's - TunnelFlim & The BB's - TunnelFlim & The BB's - Tunnel